Winterbourne Tennis Club (WTC) Tennis Play  safely (Updated JL 19/7/21) 

For latest help and guidance please visit:

All persons attending the club must pay attention and follow the advice of the notices at the club and the following advice:-

  1. Face coverings should be worn for all individuals aged 11years+, when accessing the clubhouse.
  2. To assist with government ‘Test & Trace’, names of players should either be recorded in Clubspark at the time of booking a court or recorded in the register, at the club; for club sessions.
  3. When turning up, wait, observing social distancing until court is available
  4. Do not block doorways, access points & walkways where social distancing cannot be maintained.
  5. Follow public health guidelines for hygiene.
  6. DO NOT come to the club if you are self-isolating or have coronavirus symptoms.
  7. If you develop coronavirus symptoms follow Government  ‘Test & Trace’ guidelines see website.
  8. These Rules are subject to change in line with Government and LTA advice. See for more information