Hi to All WTC Members & Tennis Players,

We hope that you and all your families are well in these difficult times.


Good News is that Tennis is back in Winterbourne! Please see latest News below.


  1. Membership Form  Please see attached the Updated Membership Application Form 2020-21 vsn 2; note Two  Columns .

LHS for brand New Members &   RHS for Existing Members, renewing their Membership.

eg for Senior Member, £82 for a New Member & £80 for an existing member renewing their Membership

This is to take into account that our Existing Members lost the last week of the 2019-2020 Season when Courts locked down on Tuesday March 24, due to the HMG Corona-Virus Lockdown rules.


  1. Back to Tennis from Wed 13/5/20 with Social Distancing & C-V prevention guidelines – See WTC Club Poster attached, in line with LTA Guidance  - see

Main points

  1. WTC Members Only – all Players Play at their own Risk & must be paid up WTC Members with Application Form completed & signed & sent to Membership Secretary by email or direct post.
  2. WTC Members can play Singles Only unless it is Family Households who  can play together both Singles and Doubles
  3. All Social Distancing & C-V prevention rules must be used at the Club. These include rules given from LTA.
  1. Members must stay Alert, use Social Distancing 2m, good hygiene, hand-washing & bring own hand sanitiser & towel .
  2. Our WTC Coaches can offer 1:1 coaching at this time using SD & other preventative measures; see WTC FB & contact Imed
  3. Players must use their own rackets, kit & Balls (marked with name) & can only Serve & touch their own balls; must use racquet to return ball
  4. Players are to remain Outdoors & not to enter Clubhouse (except for WC & H&S), must not form groups, must remain apart SD 2m.
  5. No Spectators, and those waiting must sit/stand outside at least 2 m away from any other person.
  6. NB Any player or families should all stay at home for at least 14 days, if any one of the family has C-V symptoms of a new persistent cough and/or a temperature.
  1. These rules are subject to being updated at any time, in line with HMG & LTA new guidelines.


  1. Tennis Balls & Equipment
  1. All Players must play and serve with their own balls, clearly marked with full name. WTC will give each Player/Family a set of 4 balls as part of the membership Package. (Either ‘used’ Club balls or new balls when available)
  2. Kit, including racquets, Balls etc must Not be shared and Members are advised to sanitize or quarantine kit after play.
  3. The 3 Nets will be set to correct height in advance & left at this height so Members are not required to do this. (Action Imed/Joan/Dave)
  4. Imed has ordered a large batch  of Balls which should arrive by next week.


Tomorrow, 13/5/20, there will be the usual Ladies Tennis Wed morning session Singles, 10-12 tomorrow morning and Wed Club Night Singles 7-9:30pm .

Weather looks dry for tomorrow so hope to see you on Court at Ladies tennis or Club night tomorrow normal time.

Happy Tennis to All J  

Joan Ward

Chair WTC  - on behalf of the WTC Committee



Playing Tennis During Lockdown in England with SD (Social Distancing)

  1. All Players MUST be WTC Members (*Guests will be invited to join as ‘Summer Members’, reduced Fee; normal Guest policy will return after C-V is over)
  2. Stay Outside, Singles only, max 2 People/Court (unless players are all from same household);  Clubhouse shut (except for WC & H&S)
  3. Only Handle your own racket & personal (marked ) balls
  4. Only 1:1 Coaching permitted
  5. Avoid changing ends (or change at opposite sides of Net)
  6. Book Courts by Phone Imed (07459 636436) or Joan (077259 54639)
  7. If turning up ‘on spec’ to Play, please wait Outside with SD until a Court is available;.
  8. When Members are waiting, please observe normal Club Protocol & play only 7 games & then swap to ensure fair play for all.
  9. Maintain SD (2m) at all times.
  10. Follow public health guidelines for hygiene; bring own towel & hand-sanitiser;
  11. Do Not play if you are self-isolating.