Rules and Etiquette

Club Rules (Extract from Wolverton Tennis Club Rules)

  • Visitors fees are £5.00 per visit with a maximum of 5 visits per season allowed. These are reimbursed if membership is purchased. It is the responsibility of the members introducing the visitor to sign visitors in using the Visitors book in the courtside shelter and to collect and pay the fee to a committee member.
  • Juniors are not allowed to bring visitors to the Club unless prior permission has been given by a committee member and will only be granted for challenge matches arranged as part of a competition (LTA, MKTL, WTCA etc).
  • There is a "dress-code" please observe it:“Dress must be recognised Tennis kit; shoes should be white and suitable for tennis.  Shoe tags should be worn at all times.”
  • Juniors have priority on the bottom courts Mon - Fri up to 6.00pm. Seniors have priority over courts at all times with the exception of junior coaching or junior matches on Saturdays  9.00am-12.30pm. Depending on their ability and maturity, juniors may be nominated by the committee to join senior play on Club nights and at other times as seen fit on a set by set basis only. A list of nominated juniors will be displayed on the noticeboard.
  • The Floodlights can only be used up to the times quoted: Summer Mon to Fri 10.00pm Sat/Sun 7.00pm, Winter Mon to Fri 9.00pm Sat/Sun 7.00pm.  (Summer = April - September, Winter = October - March) Tokens cost £1.50 and can be bought from behind the bar. 
  • OUR OPEN DOOR POLICY • Persons of either sex are eligible for full membership provided they are at least 18 years old. • No person shall be denied membership of the Club on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, sex, sexual persuasion, occupation, religion or political persuasion.

Club Etiquette

The club is run by its members on behalf of its members. Whilst the committee are able to manage many aspects of running the club on behalf of the members, we do ask that all members ‘do their bit’. The following is a list of ‘considerations’ we would ask you to take before, during and after you play tennis.  To paraphrase JFK;  “Ask not what you club can do for you, but what you can do for your club!”

  • On non-club days/evenings, please respect players who have arranged their own games 
  • Please welcome any potential new players who may have come to have a look.  If possible give them a membership form.
  • During games please consider the following:  If your ball leaves your court, do not follow it onto or behind an occupied court until there is a break in play. If the ball poses a trip risk to the player then call to the player ‘ball behind’ or similar. During matches please wait until between games before either using the side path to courts 4 & 5 or entering/leaving court 3
  • At the end of each match: Shake hands.  Bring all the balls back with you.
  • If you are last to leave the courts please ensure that: All gates are locked, the courtside shelter door is shut and the outside toilet door is locked Thank you for your help in these matters.