Team Captains

Club Team Captains

During both the summer (April-September) and winter (October-March) seasons, the club enters teams into either the Chelmsford, Brentwood or Stock Tennis Leagues. These leagues provide competitive weekday tennis to our members. Our range of teams have developed over time to suit all members from the most experienced match players to intermediate and newer members looking to develop their game through competitive matches.

Each team is captained by one of our members who is typically a key player within the squad. Our captains collate the availability of their squad ahead of each fixture before communicating the team selection and any relevant fixture details.


List of all Teams & the Captains




Match Secretary 

Victoria Olley 

07962 213294 

Mens 1st


Cody Lambert-Hope


07555 326 812



Mens 2


Steve Batt 

‪07930 347875‬



Mens 3


Lawrence Cox


‪07976 572429‬


Mens 4


Paul Bremeyer 

07759 064424


Mens 1

Chelmsford League


Cody Lambert-Hope

07555 326812


Ladies 1st


Victoria Olley

07962 213294



Ladies 2nd


Cat Hoffman 


07828 789296


Mixed 1st


Nic Seed

07772 810466


Mixed 2nd


Martin Francis 

07590 684233



Please get in touch with a Team Captain or the Club Committee if you have any questions or are interested in playing competitive doubles matches for the Club.