Hawker Tennis Booking Sheet

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

  • Courts are available to book for social and competitive play ONLY. They are not available to book for coaching purposes. Nick, Paul, Trevor, and Marek are the only coaches permitted to coach on these courts. Full details of our coaching programme can be found at www.nickwtennis.com.  
  • Courts may be booked 3 days in advance. Maximum 2 hours a day per family name. Courts can be booked for 30mins, one hour, one hour and a half, or two hours. 
  • To book a court, simply click on any available time slot. You will be prompted to log-in in order to book.  If you do not already have a ClubSpark account, you will be required to create one.  Complete the booking requirements and when finished, you will be sent a booking confirmation via email.  
  • If after booking you find that you are no longer able to play, please cancel your booking so that others may use the courts.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. 
  • Please don't bring bikes, scooters, skateboards or footballs onto the courts. 
  • Please don't consume food on the courts, and take any rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Please wear appropriate footwear when playing.