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Lessons restarting from Monday 22nd June

We are happy to report that after an extended break due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are offering tennis lessons from Monday 22 June onwards. If you would like to arrange a tennis lesson please email [email protected] 

We are currently only offering lessons on a 1-1 basis at this time or with 2 people from the same household. We are continuing to monitor this and will be considering offering group lessons again shortly. 

We appreciate this is a deeply uncertain and worrying time and if you would like to continue to practice tennis from home, please have a look at our 'Tennis from Home' videos below.

Garden Tennis Exercises -

Starter Forehand Development -

Garden Volley Exercises-

Tennis Challenges Video -

For an overview of some of the more advanced techniques we teach, click here

The York Tennis Academy team are all fully qualified tennis coaches, with numerous national and international qualifications. The whole team are LTA accredited meaning they have nationally recoginised qualification, safeguarding training, DBS certified and first aid trained. In addition all York Tennis Acadmey coaches have had advanced training in tennis biomechanics (stroke production), movement, co-ordination training, tactical and mental training,

For further details on some of the technical aspects of our teaching, please click here

Schools Tennis 

The entry point for a lot of tennis players is our wonderful schools programme, for more details please click here.

From Schools tennis we progress children into our Tennis for Kids programme as well as the York Tennis Club Mini and Junior Tennis Programme, from our club programme, children have the opportunity through our pathway scheme to participate in competition tennis. Initially children would play internal compettitions that we organise at the tennis club, once children have gained confidence in internal competitions they can progress into external compettitions and county tennis and LTA Performance Competitions, and we have children who have gone onto US Tennis Scholarships. 

BAMBINO TENNIS (tots tennis ages 2 to 5) - brand new programme for 2020

We are delighted to announce a brand new Tots Tennis Programme, for ages 2 - 5, called 'Bambino Tennis'.

We have designed a new syallabus, incorporating all the co-ordination, orientation, rythm, differentiation, movemement and racket skills the youngest children need, setting them up perfectly for a lifetime of success in tennis and other ball sports.

Bambino Tennis Videos Coming Soon

LTA Tennis for Kids

A great place to start for children, with a great 6 week course of lessons as well as receiving a racket, personalised t-shirt and mini tennis red balls. We are running 2 Tennis for Kids courses in January 2020, Saturdays 10.30am to 11.30 and Mondays 4pm to 5pm. Tennis for Kids must be booked online, click here.

Mini Tennis 

Mini Tennis Red (ages 6 - 8)

From Bambino Tennis children move onto Mini Tennis Red. We offer classes for children aged 6 - 8 who play mini tennis red in line with the LTA National Mini Tennis Framework.  Children gain from overall co-ordination and movement exercises at a young age as well as gaining skills from experts in tennis technique helping children to progress at the fastest possible rate, develop efficeint shots which maximise potential and minimise injury risk from the start as well as learning tactics, movement and mental tennis skills. Through York Tennis Club we run mini tennis teams in county and regional competitions, and many of the children in our programme combine our tennis programme with County Tennis matches and training.  

Mini Tennis Red is played on a badmington size court using Mini Tennis Red Balls (slightly larger and 75% slower than a regular tennis ball) over smaller nets with children using smaller rackets (typically between 19 and 23 inch in length). For more information on mini tennis red, and an overview video of how mini tennis red is played, Click here

Mini Tennis Orange (ages 8-9)

Our Mini Tennis Programme gives children a great continuation of the work done at mini tennis red, with increased technical excellence, finer developed movemement and multi-skill co-ordination exercies and tactical development.

Mini Tennis Orange, sees children play over the main tennis net (albeit at the lower height of 80cm) on a roughly three quarter size court using a mini tennis orange ball (50% slower than a standard ball). For more information on mini tennis orange, and an overview video of how mini tennis orange is played, Click here

Mini Tennis Green (ages 9-10)

Mini Tennis Green is played on a full size tennis court over a full height net with the only difference being the use of mini tennis green balls which are 25% slower than regular tennis balls. This allows children to helpfully transition from mini tennis to senior tennis which will be played from this time onwards. Through York Tennis Club we run Mini Tennis Green teams in county and regional competitions and have a number of children representing Yorkshire. 

For more information on mini tennis green and a video summarising mini tennis green on the  LTA website, Click here

Junior Tennis (ages 10 - 18)

Junior tennis builds on the foundation of mini tennis, through York Tennis Club, we are proud to give the opportunity of team tennis,  to more children than any other club in Yorkshire. 

Children progress through club groups into club teams, both junior and adult and into LTA Performance Competitions and we have also helped children gain US University Tennis Scholarships.


York Tennis Academy is a Sports Biometrics Certified Learning Centre and utilises the world leading technique and movement science developed by Australian Biomechanist Brad Langevad. This helps players maximise performance and minimise the risk of injury. Amongst the countless beneficiaries of Langevad's pioneering work are, Andy Murray, Pat Cash and Greg Rusedski. Video analysis and attention to detail in all aspects of the game are at the heart of our coaching philosophy, which incorporates sports pyschology, nutrition and conditioning programmes, making us the perfect choice for performance tennis. Through this philosophy it is our aim to supercharge every tennis player's game and make them feel like the racket has 'come to life' in their hand and play beyond the level they thought possible. This can be achieved whilst also minimising the risk of injury which can beset many players who learn sub-standard, poorly researched and outdated techniques. For further details of some of the techniques we teach, click here, for our latest article looking at the similarities between the tennis serve and cricket bowling action, click here

If you have any questions about any of the classes we are running, please email or call John Moore on the following:

Email: [email protected]                

Telephone: 07896636173

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