Upcoming Events and competitions

Upcoming Events and competitions

Our next events takes place on Sunday 19th January, DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES 6PM FRIDAY 17TH JANUARY:

1. Quorn Family Tennis Cup Events - 12 noon to 2pm (approx)

This is a family doubles competition where children play with adult family members in doubles competition against other competing families. In accordance with the LTA rules all serving is underarm in the Quorn Family Tennis Cup and matches are played on a Mini Tennis Red Court using tie-break scoring.

We have separated the Quorn Family Tennis Cup into 2:

A. Child aged 7 or under with adult family member doubles

B. Child aged 10 or under with adult family member

Enter online below or email yorktennisacademy@yahoo.com

2. Family Doubles Competition - 2pm to 5pm (approx)

Family doubles teams compete against one another in groups with the group winners progressing to the knock out stage.

Any junior should be competent playing full court tennis and it is recommended juniors are at least 9 years old, please email yorktennisacademy@yahoo.com if you are unsure of suitability. Younger children are welcome to enter the Quorn Events listed above.

Combinations include:

Parent / Child (child can be any age)

Grandparent or Great Grandparent / Child

Uncle or Auntie / Child

Siblings - if one or both sibling is under 18


19 Jan

Quorn Family Tennis Cup

We are delighted to be running 2 LTA Quorn Family Cup Events on Sunday 19th January at 12 noon at York Tennis Club. There will be 2 separate competitions a 7 and Under competition and a 10 and under competition.

  • 12am - 2pm
  • Sun, 19 Jan 2020
19 Jan

Family Doubles Competition

Family Doubles Competition Doubles tournament (open to all ages, although children must be confident playing full court hard ball doubles and therefore recommended for ages plus). Pairings can include: Parent / Child (child can be any age throughout the categories) Grandparent or Great Grandparent / Child Uncle / Child Auntie / Child

  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Sun, 19 Jan 2020