COVID-19 Safety Restrictions for Play

Following the adjustment to lockdown restrictions in England, and after consultation with both Ackworth School and the LTA, we are pleased to have reopened the tennis courts to Club Members, albeit on a restricted basis.

Ensuring everyone's safety is our top priority and social distancing restrictions will have to be applied to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In line with LTA guidance we must insist that the following conditions are met by members at all times:

  1.  A court MUST be booked in advance.
    Please do not just turn up to play on the off-chance a court is free as this could compromise the ability of everyone to maintain social distancing. Booking is easy via the Club website or the “Booker” app.
  2.  Doubles play is now permitted with people from outside your household, whilst maintaining 2 metres apart as much as possible - meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles.
  3. Maintain social distancing at all times.
    Stay at least two metres away from other players at all times - including during play, when taking breaks, and before and after play. Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five) and stay on your side of court to avoid changing ends (or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net).
  4. Players must not share equipment or balls.
    Please mark your own tennis balls so they can be easily recognised and do not touch anybody else’s! Avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls that aren’t yours - use your racquet/foot to hit/kick them to your opponent or return them to another court
  5. Good hand hygiene needs to be practised.
    Please wash your hands thoroughly before setting off to play and if possible bring hand sanitizer with you. Avoid touching handles and equipment such as courtside benches, net handles or court sweepers where possible.
  6. Ensure you adhere strictly to the times of your court booking.
    We have allowed a buffer period of 15 minutes between bookings to enable players to leave before the next players turn up to play.
  7. The toilet at the top of Back Lane will be open, but should be used with care. The Club’s First Aid box is situated there if needed.
  8. Parking will be restricted to the main Visitors Car Park.
    The gate across the road will be closed so please park at the top and be prepared to walk down to the courts.
  9. Please make sure you bring your membership card with you.
    We're removing the requirement to hang it on the gate while you play, but please have it in your bag so you can prove to school staff you are a legitimate club member. 
  10. Non-member visitors
    Members may bring a visitor to play once, but after this the visitor will be expected to become a member if they want to play again. 
  11. Gates to the courts must be left open at all times
  12. Please take the time to read the Safety Guidance Notice at the entrance to the Court before play.

Now more than ever it is important to be active, and tennis can play an important role in maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of those that play it. We therefore hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to resume play! 

Stay safe and we hope to see you playing again soon!

With our best wishes,

The Club Committee