ALL Competitions

Tennis Competitions…


…are vital for any players’ development. Everyone is different and some people will thrive in competitions straight away, others could be put off for life if they have a bad experience to start out.

The first taste of competition should be low key, in a familiar environment with familiar people present.


At our competitions, players will be supported by the referee and umpires to know the rules and scoring, understand that it’s okay to lose and we should go out and try again, and of course to push themselves to see how well they can do.


There are 4 levels of competition on offer here:


  1. TEAM events: Players of any age (5 years old to adult) enter individually and get put in to one of two teams. These are all about FUN and may include singles and doubles, fun challenges like ‘pinata tennis’, ‘splat the coach’, treasure hunts etc.
  2. SATURDAY PM competitions: Mostly based on singles, will include some doubles. We have a different age group each week as shown on the poster below.
  3. LTA Grade 5 competitions: Count towards ‘ratings and rankings’ and will attract higher levels of players from our club and from further away.
  4. LTA Team tennis: a team of 2 or 4 players compete for Hythe LTC against other clubs in fixtures home and away.


It is fantastic to compete at other venues as well, once the player and parent are ready for that step - we advise to not take this step too early as we have had cases of players giving up tennis completely because they weren’t ready to compete with players who train 6+ hours per week.


Please do speak to any of the coaching team for guidance.


12th May 8 and under

19th May 9 and 10 and under

26th May 11-18 years

9th June 8 and under

16th June 9 and 10 and under

23rd June 11-18 years

The next Graded competition starts on 28/05/18, all age groups are a £10 entry fee:

8U Mixed (Red Ball) Monday 28/05/18 10-1pm
9U Mixed (Orange Ball) Monday 28/05/18 2-5pm
10U Mixed (Green Ball) Monday 28/05/18 2-6pm
12U Boys and Girls Wednesday 30/05/18 1-6pm
14U Boys and Girls Tuesday 29/05/18 1-6pm
16U Boys and Girls Thursday 31/05/18 1-6pm
18U Boys and Girls Friday 01/06/18 1-7pm
Men and Women Saturday 02/06/18 9-2pm