Privacy Policy

From May 25th 2018 we will only be able to contact players and parents who have given consent for us to do so.

We would only contact you to give feedback about your tennis, to re-book coaching, enter competitions or to pass on any information you might need relating to tennis.

To do this, log in to your Clubspark account, edit profile, and click on Your Privacy and Consents to view the two consents about tennis information and photos. Contact me if you have any trouble doing this.

The data you give us is kept on the secure Clubspark system only (more info here: and is managed by Nick Skelton. The Lead Coaches: David Weller, Joe Shields, Gareth Coombes-Olney have access to the registers.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further or to have your data removed completely.
Nick Skelton