Youth Start Tennis for ages 5-8: starts 18th April

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About this course

LTA Youth Start is a starter course for kids, comprising of 6 high quality sessions, that introduce tennis to children in a fun and relaxed environment.


Sun, 18 Apr - Sun, 23 May 2021


5-8 years old


12:30 - 13:30


Siwan Stephens

What can you expect?

  • An enthusiastic coach who has attended a specific LTA Youth Start training course
  • An LTA Youth Start racket, ball-set, and branded t-shirt delivered right to your door
  • An opportunity for parents to get involved
  • A follow-on offer to encourage you to keep playing at the venue after the course is complete

Notes from the coach

We look forward to welcome you at Barry Athletic (Barry Island), where upon 'graduation' you'll be given the opportunity to keep playing in our year-round Tennis Squad programme of group coaching and events. For details see

Book HERE to secure your place.  

Places are limited and should the course start be delayed due to Covid restrictions the course will be extended.