The 2018 Club Tournament will comprise the following events:

  • Summer Mixed Doubles to be played on a round robin basis decided on points
  • Men's annual tournament 2nd June 2:00pm

Points will be awarded in the Mixed Doubles event as follows:  

  • Best of 3 sets - 3pts awarded per match
  • Team A bt Team B 2-0 (Team A 3pts, Team B 0pts) Team A bt Team B 2-1 (Team A 2pts, Team B 1pt)


Tournament Rules


Club Tournament

  • It is the responsibility of both players/pairings to make contact ASAP with their opponents to maximise the amount of time available to play matches.
  • If any match is unplayed by the cut off date, it is the responsibility of both players/ pairings to notify the tournament organiser of the reason.
  • If 3 reasonable dates have been offered any pairing will be deemed to be not at fault.
  • If both players/pairings are at fault neither will receive any points.
  • If one player/pairing is deemed to be at fault they receive 0 points and the opponents 2 points.
  • If neither pairing is at fault there will be a toss up.
  • All unplayed matches (provided that competitors have played at least 50%of their matches and neither pair is at fault) will be decided by the toss of a coin.
  • Each unplayed match decided in this way will be awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point if the toss is lost.
  • If you are unable to play for a period of time due to special reasons eg. holiday or injury, you must notify the tournament organiser.
  • If any competitor is unable to play on the day of the finals they must notify the tournament organiser as soon as this becomes known.


Summer Mixed

Club Tournament

Pairing 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pts
MC & JH (1) x S   S 0 3 3
RJ & EJ (2) S x S S S S S
MM & JC (3)   S x S 0 0 0
TS & AW (4) S S S x S S S
PB & SW (5) 3 S 3 S x 3 9
PS & JW (6) 0 S 3 S 0 x 3


S = Scratched from the Tournament

Click here to download a PDF version of these pairings



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