Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Note -

  • Please restrict any bookings for Monday to Thursday evenings to 6-7:30pm or 7:30-9pm to support increased availability.
  • When booking for a rota or coaching, one court should always be left free for individual members to book.
  • Coaching will primarily use the single court.

Problems Booking? - most problems are a result of not logging in (padlocks are displayed). Please check the following before contacting the club:

  • You must have current membership to book a court
  • You can try logging out and in again.
  • You are compliant with the booking rules below.
  • If you still have problems, please call the ClubSpark help line on 020 8247 3857.

Booking Rules - Members are permitted to make 5 bookings up to 7 days ahead for a maximum of 2 hours per booking.

Floodlights can be used by purchasing tokens for £3 each from our coach Dan Tonkin, Derek Walters, Jane Walters  or John Marrinan to operate the lights on one court for half an hour.