AGM March 2022

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The contract with YHG is not yet signed but hopefully this will be done within the next couple of weeks.  After that there will be around 16 weeks worth of work to do, including roof repairs, upgrading the interior, then works to pool.  After that the bar will be refurbished.  The intention is that the end result will be more spa than leisure centre.

One significant change is that the changing rooms will be our responsibility and there will be some cost implications in taking them on.

There will be a 16 month rent free period for YHG however at the start of the deal we will stop pay utility bills which are currently draining funds, especially given the recent rises in electricity and gas.  We are also paying for areas such as security, which we will be handing on to YHG.

It is anticipated that there will be a special deal on membership rates for club members, then it will open to the general public.  Furthermore there will be financial benefits for joint members (Sport Club and gym) but they have not yet been worked up.

Questions asked by attendees:

Q. You currently need to call a mobile number to get a code to access the defibrillator - can this be changed as someone who goes to fetch it may not be aware they need a phone and valuable time is lost?  

A. This will be looked into.

Q. What will happen with the bar?  

A. It will be operated by the YHG and the profit shared

Q.  Have the Board considered if subscriptions could be changed to monthly across the whole year?  For some families (2 adults paying full rates) it’s a lot to pay over 6 months, especially with the increases in the cost of living.

A.  This will be discussed by the Board

Q. Will there be any changes to the car park arrangements when the gym re-opens?

A. No, it will remain first-come, first-served.