About Adult Tennis Coaching

About Adult Tennis Coaching

 Adult beginners (see Tennis Xpress tab)

A beginner adult introductory coaching course for players who want to learn the basics of the sport.

Mini Tennis isn't just for kids! The smaller sized courts and balls are a great tool to get you into tennis or help you back into the game after many years. Different coloured tennis balls are used, these include:

  • Orange - 50% slower than a normal ball, giving players better control at this important stage of development
  • Green - 25% slower than a yellow ball
  • Yellow - standard tennis ball

We’ll start you off with an orange ball which will slow the game down to give you more time to be able to learn to serve, rally and score – and less time picking the balls up! You can then progress to a green and then a yellow ball when you’re ready and be able to play full games of tennis.

Adults Improvers

Improve your game with five weeks of coach led sessions aimed at improver players focussing on technical and tactical development.

Adult Advanced

Do you play to a good level, but want to improve your game? These coach led sessions focus on tactical development through match play and drills.

Individual/private lessons

What better way to fast track your improvement than with a one-on-one coaching session - an hour just for you to develop those areas of your game most important to you?

All of our coaches are available to deliver lessons to members, you can go it alone or you may wish to organise a small group or play with a friend to share the cost. Either way you will enjoy a tailored session with an LTA licenced coach best suited to your personal requirements