About Box Leagues

Box Leagues

Started in 2015, the box leagues have brought a completely new dimension to traditional club tennis and have really caught the imagination of many members who want more competitive tennis. It's also had an added benefit for members to meet others that they perhaps wouldn't normally come across in club sessions.

We run singles and doubles box league matches (similar to ladders) all year round for all members who want additional fun and competitive tennis in a relaxed club environment.

We highly recommend box leagues to all our members as they are a fantastic activity to get involved in.

Play more tennis!

Players who take part in our box leagues can enjoy the freedom of just turning up to the club and playing their match, all matches are pre-arranged for you on a convenient day and time to suit the players, results are then submitted to the LTA to help players improve ratings

Promotion or relegation is then evaluated after each league is completed.

These leagues are perfect for all levels of player who are keen to meet new people, play some competitive singles and doubles tennis, or simply to sharpen their skills for club team tennis.

Both singles and doubles matches are the best of 3 sets, if a third set is needed then this is played as a 10-point championship tie break to decide the match.

All box leagues are coordinated by our dedicated team of competition organisers

Singles Box League Coordinator is Tom Maullin

Doubles Box League Coordinator is Nick Holt