Court Booking - please sign in before booking a court

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

The Booking System is open to all adult members.

In order to make a booking you will need to be registered with ClubSpark & logged in at the time of making the booking. You may have already registered when you renewed your membership, if not you can register by clicking ‘register’ at the top of the page. The booking module is available directly through our CSG Tennis Club website, or you can use the Clubspark Booker App on your mobile device, which should download your bookings straight to your diary.

Bookings can be made at 60 minute intervals up to a maximum of two hours. If you wish to make a recurring booking e.g. same time every week, please email with details of your request.

As currently, there will be no charge for members booking courts. Once you have made a booking you will receive an email confirmation. When booking courts please keep the following in mind:

  • Do not book the courts speculatively. Please only book if you really plan on playing
  • If a booked court is no longer required it should be cancelled as soon as possible
  • Avoid booking courts at the last minute.  If members are already playing on an “unbooked” court they should be allowed to continue
  • You can still use the courts if you haven't made a booking, however, members who have booked will have priority.
  • Members should pay £3 per session for any non members using the courts & place the money in the Honesty Box in the clubhouse.