National Inclusion Week

National Inclusion Week 

You may have noticed at the Manchester Davis Cup and at some of larger tennis events, that Fridays have been celebrated with rainbows and that there has been a presence from a group representing  ‘Pride In Tennis’ 

Well - what is Pride in Tennis? 

Following is a link to a recent video interview on the Tennis Volunteers Group ( TVC) , with Ian Pearson-Brown who is the Co-Chair and Founder of Pride in Tennis.

In it, Ian explains the rational behind the group and provides links for those individuals, clubs and venues that may be interested in becoming part of a network of  clubs. Ian has worked closely with the LTA to support Rally Allies, a programme to help guide clubs and venues to become more inclusive and is carried out in a joint partnership between Pride in Tennis, the LTA, and LEAP Sports Scotland. The Rally Allies programme consists of a webinar for representatives of clubs and venues to attend, and upon completion of the webinar, clubs and venues then receive a free resource pack, thanks to help from the LTA Tennis Foundation.

Feel free to contact Jayne Huxley-Grantham of our Diversity & Inclusion committee for any further information on