LGBTQ+ Training Opportunity

As we enter Pride Month Cheshire Tennis is inviting all clubs to join us in LGBTQ+ awareness training aimed at tennis venues, volunteers and officials. It’s an online course and there are two dates to choose from. Tuesday 16th July or Thursday 18th. 

During this interactive session, we'll discuss various strategies and ideas to elevate your tennis venue's atmosphere, creating an inclusive and welcoming space for all players and fans. We'll also talk about:

  • A guide to inclusive language
  • Health inequalities for LGBTQI+ people
  • Barriers preventing LGBTQI+ people getting involved in sports.
  • Importance of Role Models and Allies
  • The benefits of an all inclusive programme

From enhancing facilities to fostering a sense of community, we'll cover it all. Discover how to create an environment that celebrates diversity, encourages participation, and promotes equality in the world of tennis.

Once the webinar has finished we will share our Rally Allies resource pack with each attendee.

Every attendee will be eligible for a free resources pack giving everyone the tools they need to make their tennis venue more inclusive.

  • To dress your venue: Progress flag, rainbow bunting and a rainbow charter
  • For the coach, captain or workforce to wear: rainbow laces and sweatbands
  • For a pride themed event: rainbow dampeners, stickers, face paint and an advice sheet

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to understand how you can take pride into your tennis venue.

More information on Rally Allies can be found at