Neston Player Wins Dick Fontes Cup

This trophy was presented to the then Junior Tennis Committee by Nancy Fontes, in memory of her late husband Dick. Both Nancy and Dick had been responsible for the formation of a Cheshire Committee solely in charge of all aspects of junior tennis.
The trophy is awarded annually to the junior player who, in the opinion of the Competitions & Tournaments Committee, has contributed most to Cheshire Junior tennis in the previous year.
At the time it was stressed that this was not necessarily the best player, but was open to any junior. Certain criteria were laid down amongst which were commitment to Cheshire, shown by a willingness to represent the County and to compete in the Junior County Championships. Consideration was also to be shown to participation in school and club tennis. At clubs, those who are eager to help and encourage other juniors are important factors in selection. It goes without saying that good behaviour on and off court is considered.

Winner: Lara Wedd - Neston LTC: 

Lara has played for the Cheshire Junior County team for many years, and won multiple Junior Championship titles. She is a determined competitor who has always trained hard and continues to improve because of her positive attitude. Lara is seen an excellent role model both for Cheshire and at her home club Neston LTC where she has helped on holidays camps as well as at junior coaching. Lara is without doubt a deserving winner of this prestigious award which was recently presented to her by John Hilton, Chair of the County Junior Performance Committee.