Men’s Champions League 2023

CCLTA Men’s Champions League 2023

Teams involved:  The Albert Club, Bowdon Bowling LTC, Congleton LTC, Hartford LTC, Hollies LTC, Hoole LTC, Hoylake LTC, Widnes LTC, Stockton Heath LTC

Venue: David Lloyd, Cheadle   Date: Sunday 1st October

Referee: David Paterson

The 9 teams were divided into 2 boxes.

1.    Djokovic: Hoole, Bowdon Bowling, The Albert, Hartford, Congleton

2.    Alcaraz: Hoylake, Hollies, Stockton Heath, Widnes

After the box matches, the top 2 teams qualified for the semi finals with the remaining teams playing off for positions 3rd - 9th.

Semi - Finals:

•     Widnes v Congleton:  1 - 1 Match tie break to decide the winners. Tie break won by Congleton

•     The Albert v Hoylake: Albert Won 2 - 0

Final: The Albert v Congleton: The Albert Club Won 2 - 0

Final Positions:

3rd - Widnes

4th - Hoylake

5th - Stockton Heath

6th - Bowdon Bowling

7th - Hartford

8th - Hollies

9th - Hoole

Congratulations go to The Albert Club winning the Champions League for 2023. However, all teams deserve congratulating on the way they played. Very competitive throughout the event, and all players treated their opponents with respect at all times and fair play was great to see in every match.

John Hilton (Event Organiser)