Choosing a Tennis Racket

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We've had a lot of questions about Rackets recently and have compiled them. While we do not consider ourselves racket specialises or sell rackets, hoping this may help 👍

👉How big should the racket be?

We recommend the following sizes GENERALLY but also dependent on age & stage and height:

• 8 years and under: 17”-23”

• 8-9 years: 23”-25”

• 9-10 years: 25”-26”

• 10 years and over: 26”-27”

• Adults: 27”

👉I'm a adult beginner, what racket should I use to get started?

Try starting out with a racket that has a larger head size. This gives the racket a bigger sweet spot in the middle of the frame, giving you more chance of hitting a clean shot as you begin playing.

👉What does the racket grip size mean?

Grip sizes 1, 2, or 3 recommended for women, and 3, 4, or 5 for men. If it’s too big or small you can sustain injuries like tennis elbow. When you wrap your hand around the handle, there should be a 1cm gap (or the width of your forefinger) between your thumb and first finger. You may want to test different grip sizes too, to check which is most comfortable.

👉I’m a improver player, what racket should I consider?

It’s essential that you get the weight of to get a balance that suits you.

Large-headed rackets weighing in at around 320g or more are generally harder to move but have the potential to unleash more power as have a bigger service area. If you wish to have more control, you may want to consider getting a racket with a smaller head size.

👉We are beginners or are young players, what balls do you suggest?

There are low compression balls which are being used across the UK to introduce adult beginners and juniors to the sport. The slower and lower bouncing balls easier to learn the game by having longer rallies.

There are fours levels of Tennis ball which progress from Red, Orange and Green to then to the standard Yellow Ball. Through using compression balls to start it allow players to swing through the ball more, developing the technique of their strokes with greater emphasis on control of the ball.


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