Court Availability

Court Availability

There are times when certain club activities take priority.  These activities are listed below with dates and times.  It is always adviseable to check the Booking a Court section to check court availability click on link below:

Check Court Availability 

Adult Club Sessions

During these times the Club Session Members have priority of use of the courts.

Tuesday am 9.30 am - 13.00 pm

Wednesday pm  6.00 pm onwards 

Thursday am 9.30 am - 13.00 pm

Sunday am 9.30 am - 13.00 pm

Oxfordshire Babolat Leagues 2019/20

During the Home Matches the courts are unavailable from 12.30 pm until the match finishes.

Please see the section "Match Fixtures" where all the dates are given, home matches are also listed below in the court schedule table.

Premier Tennis Coaching 

Coaching takes place on Friday evenings from 4.00 pm  until 8.00 pm using the two floodlit courts (Nos. 1 and 2).  There is no coaching during August 2019.

Weekly Court Schedule and other activities affecting court availability - click below for table of sessions:

Weekly Court Schedule - From  October 2019