2022 Rules

How it all works? 

These Winter Leagues are divided into divisions, they have been initially grouped by the number of matches played in 2021.  Promotion and demotion will take place on the last day of each month.  All players that finish in Division 1 will receive a prize and the Winner, 2nd and 3rd will receive an engraved trophy. There will also be a prize* for Division 2 and Division 3 winners (*providing they have played a minimum of 10 matches November 27th 2021 - 6pm February 28th 2022)


How do you get promoted?  Players within their division can play each player once (1) per month.  Players are encouraged to play as many matches as possible each month.  On the 1st day of January and 1st February four (4) players at the top of division 3 will be promoted to division 2, the bottom four (4) of  division 2 are demoted to division 3, three (3) players at the top of division 2 are promoted to division 1 and the bottom three (3) in division 1 are demoted to division 2. Positions are decided by points earned and NOT matches won (see points below).  If players finish the League on the same points the result between them counts, if they have not played each other,  the player that has played the most matches so far will be promoted/demoted.


Points system as follows: 

  • Match participants will receive 9 points in Divisions 2 and 3 and the match winner will receive an extra 2 points.
  • Division 1 match participants will receive 6 points, 2 point bonus for every set won and 1 additional point for winning the match.
  • On the last day of December and January (@ 10pm) the points in each League are reset.

In short, the above point system leans towards matches played in Division 2 & 3 , but points are rewarded more for results in Division 1 e.g. take a set from your opponent and you are rewarded with 2 bonus points, win in straight sets and you get 4 bonus points.


General Match Rules: 

  • After a 5 minute warm up matches to be played using Fast4 rules. Please see LTA Fast4 . 
  • The challenging player(s) supplies the balls (as new as possible please), the winner(s) sweeps the clay courts and enters the match score asap after the match. Note: Contact Admin if the score was entered in error.
  • See also Clay Court Rules on Club notice board.
  • Any player that does not show for an agreed match within 15 minutes of an agreed time will forfeit the match, the winner will receive points for the 'no show' win and a score of 4-0, 4-0 will be recorded against the 'no show' player, the match CAN NOT be replayed.  The player that forfeited will not receive any points for the 'no show'. 
  • A player that cancels an agreed match within 24 hours (for WHATEVER reason) of the agreed time will lose the match, forfeit recorded as above i.e. a forfeit win to your opponent. Matches canceled by BOTH players (due to weather) can be re-played at any other mutually agreed time.
  • In the very very unlikely event that we receive 3 complaints (in writing) about the same player this player will be removed from the League without warning.
  • Your ladder admin is Tony Symons-Hicks and can be emailed at [email protected] if you have any questions NOT covered on this page.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The above rules are NOT negotiable under ANY circumstances.  


The above, and points awarded may be subject to change by Admin if the amendment helps to promote more matches being played and/or the smooth running of the Winter Leagues.  Therefore, any suggestions for improvement of future Leagues/Ladder are welcome and will be noted, however please note; we will NOT reply to any email, text or WhatsApp query that has been covered in these rules.