2019 Rules

  • 1. Each League (divided into divisions e.g. Division 1, 2, 3) will last between 6-10 weeks. 4-8 players, within each division, will play each other once only.

  • 2. At the agreed date the player with the highest points (not wins) is promoted, and the player with the lowest points (not losses) is demoted, no player, under any circumstances, will be exempt from this rule, except for the following:

    2a If a playing finishing bottom has more points than the player finishing top of the league below then no promotion/demotion will take place.

    2b If a player finishes bottom of the league and has played all their matches then that player may not be demoted if the player requests to remain in their current

    2c A player finishing top of their league can request to remain in their current league i.e. they want to remain with their friends or stay where they have more
    opportunities to gain rating wins

  • 3. Matches to be played using FAST4 Rules. However if both player agree then players can play ANY format, including just 1 short set or 3 full sets.

  • 4. Players with a 8.2 rating and above will need to play best of 3 sets if they want the match to count for LTA rating, i.e. 2 short sets and tiebreak to 10 points at 1 set all.

  • 5. A player records the result on the sheet provided, on the club notice board e.g. 4-3, 2-4, (10-9). The player receives points as follows:

    5a. 7 points for playing a match, regardless of result
    5b. 2 point bonus for each set won
    5c. 3rd set tiebreak is equal to a set, so 2 point bonus to the winner of the 3rd set

  • 6. If a Squad Player (other players play at their leisure with no pressure to play) is on 15 points or less with only 28 days until the Ladder finishes then the Squad player(s) will play their match during class time, however the following match short format may be used:

    6a The match will be a simple tiebreak to 10 points (short version) after a strict 2 minute warm up

    6b The winner will receive 2 point the loser 0 points
    6c If short version played neither player receives 7 points
    6d If short version played both players have the option to replay the match, in their

    own time, and before the cut-off date. If replayed, they would then receive the 7 points & the class time points and the class match result will then be cancelled.

    6e If the match is not replayed the class time match result stands.

  • 7. Matches can be played anytime, anywhere, any place (e.g. the free courts at Roath Park’s, Jelcoe Gardens, Haley Park or Heath Park, school playground, DL’s, UWIC or any other club), any day, on holidays (including La Manga), inset days, schools days, weekends, evenings, early mornings, before school, after school, during school - there are absolutely NO restrictions, just play and remember it’s 7 points for playing, win or lose!

  • 8. Matches are to be played under the the following FairPlay Rules and played as matches ‘without umpire’ : bit.ly/withoutumpire

  • 9. The onus is on the winning player to record their scores on the sheets provided on the Club’s notice board. The score should be recorded by the winner immidiately after the match. No score will be accepted after 6pm on the date the league finishes.


• 10.Havefun😀!