2019 Tournament rules

There is a high quality cast for the Tournament to be held over the next few months, and some excellent matches to look forward to.

Some simple rules:

  • Each match consists of two tie break sets. A draw will be decided by a tie break game (first to 7 points, 2 points clear).
  • The winner of each match is responsible for immediately emailing the results to Jim Smith
  • All First Round matches to be completed by 14th July.
  • All Second Round matches to be completed by 14th August.
  • All Semi Finals to be completed by 7th September.
  • Finals Day is 14th September.

Any match not completed by the due date will be decided by the toss of a coin (JS).

Contact details for partners and opponents are in the draw documents.

Anyone experiencing difficulty in contacting players, or for all other questions, ring Jim Smith, 07399575345


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