Singles ladder OLD

Our unisex singles ladder runs continuously year round you can see the live ladder here.   To sign up fill in the form here to register then add yourself to the Unisex ladder from your  player dashboard - the "join code" is the entry code for the back courts.  

It's a simple "bump" ladder format - you can challenge up to 5 places up and if you win you move up to above your opponent.   The standard match is two sets with a tiebreak at 6-6, followed by a championship tiebreak to 10 points but if you both agree you can play any format from a single set up to three full sets.  You can play as often as you like (but if you never play you'll find yourself gradually sliding down and out).

You normally start at the bottom and work your way up, but experienced players with a convincing case can beg (or bribe?) club captains Nigel Grace and Rebecca Scorer to start a bit higher up. 

Email if you've forgotten the entry code or for any other questions.