Renewal FAQs

When is my renewal due?  Your membership ends on 30 April, so you need to renew by 1 May to keep your membership continuous and to be eligible for the Wimbledon ticket ballot.  

How can I pay?   Renew online using the link in the renewal email or from your court booking profile, paying from your bank account by gocardless.    If you don't want to use gocardless you can also pay by paypal/credit card online here.    You can also pay in person at the bar, but if you do please email me or I will have no way of knowing you've paid.    

What is gocardless?  Gocardless is a one-off direct debit that works a bit like an electronic cheque, it takes a few days to leave your account.

How do I know if you've received my renewal application?   You will get instant confirmation from clubspark.   If renewing by paypal/credit card or at the bar we will normally confirm the weekend afterwards. 

How do I change my membership type eg. from midweek to full, or from individual to couple?   If renewing via clubspark, go to your profile and click "view all memberships", then choose the membership type you want.     

I can't remember my clubspark password?   If you've already registered then click the forgotten password link.  email  us if you get really stuck.   

I can't remember if I used facebook or google to join clubspark?   Your renewal email will tell you how you originally logged in.   . 

Can I pay by instalments?   For long-standing members we will generally accept payment in at least 4 consecutive instalments by direct debit for a small extra cost.   email Harold the membership secretary for details.  

I am a bit broke at present, can you help?   Please speak to or email Harold the membership secretary in cases of genuine financial distress.