court booking

How do I book a court?    Members go to the booking sheet, log in to your account, using the username and password you set up when you joined (or the link sent to you by clubspark), pick the time and away you go. 

All the court slots have little padlocks on?   This means you have not registered or logged in correctly as a member (safeguards are in place to protect your personal data and ensure only members can book).  How to fix it:

  • If you paid for your membership online or have booked before then you must use the same login method you used when first registering ie. don't switch to logging in via google or facebook unless you registered that way the first time.  The method used will be shown in your joining or renewal email, or email if you need reminding. 
  • If you joined by credit card or cheque and this is your first booking then you must click on the validation link you were emailed by clubspark when you joined.  If you cannot find it, or it has expired, then email and we will send you a new one.

I paid at the bar or by cheque, how do I register for court booking?    You will have been sent a registration link from when you joined, search your junkmail if you cannot find it.   If you cannot find it, or it has expired, then email and we will send you a new one.

Can non-members book courts?    Sorry no, we are a membership club.   Non-members can take private lessons from our coaching team on payment of the guest fee, but cannot book courts.    

How do I cancel a court?   Click the "manage by booking" link on the booking confirmation email or go to your booking profile.  You must cancel the court if you cannot use it, we do spot checks and will suspend booking rights if the system is being misused.  

How much court time can I book?   You can book up to 2 hours a day, up to 8 days in advance. 

I cannot see the booking sheet on my smartphone?    The booking page is designed for desktops and ipads, but works acceptably on most smartphones.   There is also an app on iOS or Android which allows you to make basic court bookings.