New year news

Hi all, happy new year,  good to see so many of you back on court for the new year events - rain can’t stop us!   Some new year news.....  

We’re launching a unisex singles ladder, building on the current ladders.  Club captains will merge in all new and recently-joined men and women at an appropriate starting point - please email by Sat 3 Feb if you'd like to join now.  Existing men's ladder members will be included automatically, no need to act, and your past results will be respected.

From this weekend, you’ll be able to buy tennis balls at the bar, a great idea coming out of the members survey.  And if you ask nicely the coaches will also sell you some even when the bar is closed.    

Remember to sign up and opt-in for the LTA Wimbledon Ballot – do it by 22 Feb or the club gets no tickets and you can’t enter the ballot in May.   3 steps: if you’re not already an LTA member then join free as a Lite member here;  step 2 add or check that Dulwich is listed as your Venue here; step 3 opt-in to the 2018 ballot here.  They don’t make it easy!   

Dates for the diary: squash club annual Quiz Night in the bar Sat 17 Feb £5 entry per person, prizes and raffle, always fun, let us know  by if you're interested in joining or better still leading a team.  And tennis Season Launch and spring clean Sat 24 Feb, details to follow.  

Harold and your tennis committee