Club tournament draw online

The 2017 Club tournament is now up so please get playing.   ‚Äč

Ladies Singles  Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles Mens Doubles Men's Singles Upper Draw & Lower Draw

  1. Contact your opponents.  First named players have first responsibility to make contact, but opponents should make an effort too.       
  2. Play the match by the round date, or you both risk disqualification, round dates are on the tournament website. 
  3. Winner record the score in the clubhouse - back left hand noticeboard when entering from the cricket pitch steps - and contact the next opponents.  

Things to remember:  

  • It's Surrey league rules ie. 2 sets with a tiebreak at 6 all, then a championship tiebreak to 10 for the deciding set.  
  • Split the cost of new balls, if in doubt the first named player should bring some.
  • Matches can be on hard, clay, or grass by agreement, if you can't agree then flip a coin, please play on any surface needed to meet the round deadline.
  • Book courts at including two of the grass courts 

Questions and begging requests for short extensions to the referee at 

FINALS DAY SATURDAY 8TH JULY 2017 - lots of fun, food & drink, good tennis

Play by Ladies Singles Ladies Doubles Mens Singles Mens Doubles Mixed Doubles
64     Sun 04 Jun    
32     Sun 11 Jun Sun 11 Jun  
16 Wed 07 Jun Sun 11 Jun Sun 18 Jun Sun 18 Jun Wed 07 Jun
8 Wed 21 Jun Wed 28 Jun Sun 25 Jun Sun 25 Jun Wed 21 Jun
4 Sun 02 Jul Sun 02 Jul Sun 02 Jul Sun 02 Jul Sun 02 Jul
2 Sat 08 Jul Sat 08 Jul Sat 08 Jul Sat 08 Jul Sat 08 Jul