Wimbledon ballot

Last chance to opt-in for the LTA Wimbledon Ballot closing this Friday 23 Feb -  I know it's still sleeting and wimbledon's far away, but you must opt-in now or there's no way to allocate you tickets when we do the club draw:   

  • Step 1 - if you're don't already have a BTM number then join British Tennis as a Lite member FREE here  (no need to upgrade to the paid version unless you want to)

  • Step 2 check that Dulwich is listed as your Venue here

  • Step 3 opt-in to the 2018 ballot here.  

For those new to this, the club is allocated each year the right to buy a number of wimbledon tickets at reasonable prices which are impossible to buy directly.  Once opted-in your name automatically goes in the hat for the chance to buy a pair of tickets as long as you're still a club member when we draw the names in May.  The chances are around 1 in 10, compared to up to 1 in 1000 for the public ballot, so it's worth the effort.  

Harold & your committee