Return to squash during the pandemic

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The squash courts are open to members for play in line with Scottish Squash and sportscotland updated guidelines. The latest update and full guidelines can be read here : Scottish Squash guidelines. We would encourage all players to take a lateral flow test before playing to ensure they are not putting their opponent at risk.

Face coverings will be mandatory indoors for anyone entering the building, except children under 12 or people with a health exemption. Face coverings may be removed while taking part in indoor activity. Hands should be sanitised before entering the building. There is a sanitiser station at the front door. Our cleaning schedule has been increased such that all touchpoints in the club are cleaned every morning but thereafter we are relying on all of you to practice good hand hygiene to keep us all safe.

Play between households is allowed again from the 24th January 2022 with the following guidelines.

Playing squash / racketball / table tennis procedure :
1. Courts must be booked online via ClubSpark prior to play. This is essential for tracking and tracing. Keep a note of who you were playing for 21 days.
2. Changing facilities and showers are available but there is a maximum of 2 people allowed in the changing rooms at any time to adhere to ventilation guidelines.
3. Bring your own equipment including balls.
4. Bring your own water bottle pre-filled with water. A water machine is available for refills.
5. Sanitise your hands at the front door and put on a face covering before entering.
6. Turn on the lights and  viewing area fan as you enter. The illuminated button is just inside the viewing area door on the left wall as you enter. This is on a timer and will switch off automatically.
8. Turn on the squash court lights by putting coins in the meter (£1 for 44 minutes), and turn on the court ventilation fan (switch below light meter).
9. Enjoy your squash court session but avoid wiping your hands on the walls. Face coverings can be removed during activity.
10.Before leaving the building, turn off the court fan and spray and wipe down the squash court door handles, the fan and light switches, and any sweaty floor areas. Spray bottles and paper towels are available outside each court. Bin the paper towel in the bin provided or you can use it to open the club front door on exiting and put it in the outside bin. If any spray gets on your hands, wash your hands with soap and water on your way out or bring your own disposable gloves to protect your hands. Leave the court door open when leaving to help with ventilation.
11.Put on your face covering and leave the building promptly taking all your belongings with you.

Squash court bookings will  have a 15 minute buffer to help avoid meeting people entering and leaving the club at the same time, and to give the court time to replenish with fresh air.

The health and safety of our members, their families and the community as a whole, continues to be the priority and we would urge all of you to continue to adhere to the current public health guidance from the Scottish Government and our governing bodies.