Box league update

The current round of Singles and Doubles box leagues is drawing to a close.

In the Singles leagues (run using the LTA Competition Management System), 22 out of 70 matches have been completed with the current leaders being:

  • Group 1 - Cameron Fletcher
  • Group 2 - a three-way tie between Ben Douglas, Richard Kilbank and Malcolm Jack
  • Group - Andrew Turner

Round 2 of the Singles box leagues will start on or around 1st October and run through to 31st December.  If you haven't already signed up to the next round but want to take part, you can do so at Singles - Round 2. Players taking part in Round 1 will automatically be included in Round 2 unless they’ve withdrawn via the LTA website.

In the Doubles box league run directly by the club, there have been no matches played in Group A, Rachel Bright and Hanna Stefanczyk are the current front-runners in Group B and the leaders in Group C are Lynne Bell and Paul Emmerson, a fitting tribute given Paul's recent passing. For the autumn and winter season, we’re moving from the current box league structure to a ladder format with the new competition running from 1st October 2023 through to 31st March 2024. The new format will provide more flexibility whereby participants can play as often (or as little) as they wish while extending the number of potential opponents. Players will also be able to play using different playing partners, while rules will be put in place to ensure that weaker pairings can’t be challenged by much stronger pairings. For anyone interested in taking part in the Winter Doubles Ladder or who would like more information on this competition, contact Hugh Smith on 07730 157357 or email on