Junior Coaching

FOR JUNIORS our coaches use the LTA mini tennis system to help players improve and progress from any age. They will play fun tennis games, gradually learning the basic techniques for forehands, backhands and volleys and go on to being able to rally with each other and play mini matches.

For Juniors over 5 it is worth being a Member of Esher Lawn Tennis Club to get the discounts on coaching and then you can also play at the club at other times. Sign up via the Membership tab above.

2017 Autumn Term Coaching  costs and sign up form please CLICK HERE

Tiny Tots (Ages 3-5)  Saturday 9-10am

Sessions focus on basic movement, co-ordination and hitting skills in a fun environment.

Mini Tennis Red (Ages 5-7) Saturday 9-10am

Players play on a smaller court with modified equipment (balls and rackets). This modified set up means that players learn to play the game quickly and can focus on technical and tactical development.

Mini Tennis Orange (Ages 8-9) Saturday 10-11am

As players move from Red to Orange, the ball becomes faster and players play on a ¾ sized court.

Mini Tennis Green (Ages 10 and under) Saturday 11-12am

Played on a full size court with green tennis balls which have slightly lower compression than a full ball.

Junior 1 (Ages 11+) Saturday 11-12am

For players with limited experience, the sessions will focus on technical skills and gearing up to playing points.

Junior 2 (Age 11+) Saturday 12-1pm

This group is for players who have more playing experience and the skills to be able to compete.

To sign up for coaching please email Jess Starkey   jess@surbiton.org