Club nights return with effect from 3 August

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Following recent Government advice, your Committee has been considering how to offer the Club Night facility while conforming to all mandatory safety requirements.

We have decided to reinstate the three normal Club Nights:

  • Monday (adults only) 7pm to dusk
  • Wednesday 7pm to dusk
  • Friday 4pm - 6.30pm

This is effective from Monday 3 August.

The existing rules about play remain e.g. no touching, change ends using opposite sides of the net, sanitise hands etc etc. In addition, the following will apply:

1. If all courts are full, you must wait outside the fenced playing area until another player has left the courts. If several players are waiting, social distancing must be maintained.

2. Players MUST record their names and telephone numbers to enable Track & Trace in the event of subsequent illness of a player on that night.

There will be a clipboard, paper, pen and sanitiser left on the Clubhouse veranda for this purpose.

3. Before the last person leaves, please put the list of attendees through the clubhouse letter box and leave the rest on the veranda for collection the next morning.

The list will be kept for the relevant period only.

4. Please bring your own tennis balls.

5. The Clubhouse must remain closed.

6. Floodlights will be available again with effect from Monday 17 August. 

Look forward to seeing you on court.

Frampton-on-Severn Tennis Club