Booking Guidelines

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

When making you court booking please record all players in the Participants field (under Advanced Options) to aid Track and Trace.

Access code to the courts via the main door (Court 1, Clubhouse side) is C2378.

Access code to the second (far-side) door and floodlighting box is 372 and the code to the club shed padlock is 0372.  When dark your mobile phone torch app may come in useful!

Please download the ClubSpark booker app on iOS or Android to enable easy court bookings from your phone.

The Club ball machine, practice balls and mini-tennis nets are stored in the green shed near the MUGA.  To open the padlock enter the code (0372) and push teh shackle into the lock and then out (a design feature :).  If you want to use the Club ball machine then you first need to attend a short induction to cover off its handling, connection and operation. Contact Russell Dunn.

Ball Machine Instructions

PLEASE ensure that the club shed and floodlighting box are left locked after use.

Court Booking Rules

  • Members may book a maximum of 2 hours per day (1/2 hr slots)
  • Members may book up to 21 days in advance
  • The floodlight meters accepts £1 coins and 20p pieces only.  One tennis court costs £3/hr to light.  The MUGA costs £2/hr
  • If the lights go out they are programmed to be off for 10 mins to enable the bulbs to cool down.  You can then insert coins to switch them on again. There is a 9:30 pm curfew.
  • If you are the last to leave please make sure the nets are wound down a little and the lighting cabinet and storage cupboard are left locked.