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Dated 23rd March , 2020  - Coronavirus (Covid-19) - new update .... Club Closed on LTA directive.



The following message is the complete email I received from the LTA directing us to close.

**** Start of LTA message ***

The absolute priority of everyone in Britain needs to be protecting the health of the nation, with a requirement to dramatically adjust our behaviour to help slow the spread of the disease, prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed, and ultimately save lives. The way everyone can do this is complying with the Government’s guidance and staying at home.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening (23 March) all tennis facilities and courts should be closed, and tennis coaching and activity should be put on hold with immediate effect.

The National Tennis Centre is closed, and all activity delivered by the LTA remains suspended for the foreseeable future, including all LTA organised coaching sessions, programmes and training courses.  We have also now extended the cancellation of all LTA staged and LTA approved competitions (grade 1 to 6) up to 31 May 2020.

During these challenging times for our society,  our focus over the coming weeks will be to ensure tennis coaches, venues, volunteers, officials and players are supported in any way they can be, so that tennis in Britain emerges from this period in as strong and healthy position as possible, and the sport is able to resume its role in keeping the nation active.

We are continuing to work with Government to help us achieve this, and establishing what further support can be provided to help all those impacted by this unprecedented situation.

*** End of LTA message ***

Dated 17th March, 2020  - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Guidance for Members

Henley Tennis Club are closely monitoring advice regarding measures we should be taking to keep people safe and to delay the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  Information is being taken from both the LTA and the Government.

 Based on this information, the club has made the following decisions:

•            The Club House is now closed. Therefore, all items in the club house are off limits. This includes the toilet! Please do not enter as we are unable to guarantee it is virus free.

•            Club Sessions will continue until government advice is otherwise. The Government have currently indicated that recreational exercise that takes place at a safe distance from others and in safe exercise environments is something that can continue during this period.

•            We ask that members please bring their own hand gel with them to sessions, as there is no access to the club house.

•            The courts are accessed by push button locks, and handles. These could be carrying the virus. Therefore, take precautions when pressing the buttons and opening the door, and clean your hands having entered the courts with your own cleaning products.

•            I strongly suggest that Team matches be postponed. At this moment in time there is no direct communication for Team matches to be cancelled. However, the LTA yesterday issued an email saying they have suspended all of their competitions. This would indicate they do not think competition play is advisable.

•            If matches do go ahead then handshakes post match are suspended.

•            If matches do go ahead then , then the club house must not be used.

•            If matches do go ahead then , post match food and drinks should not be supplied. Please advise visiting teams.

•            All coaching sessions are suspended until further notice.

In the spirit of providing helpful information and decisions taken by The Henley Tennis Club in relation to Coronavirus Covid-19 kindly take the time to visit the LTA weblink: which offers recent news and very helpful links of information.

We will provide further email updates to members as the situation develops, but please view our website, where we will keep updated with any developments.

Please do feel free to contact me, Col Main, if you have different views or you would like to suggest additional rules, or other information to be supplied to our members.

Please stay safe and help others stay safe too!

If you have other questions then please do get in touch.

Many thanks  Colin Main  Henley Tennis Club Chairman


Dated 29th December, 2019  - Wimbledon Tickett Ballot Opt In and Car Park Passes

URGENT, URGENT, URGENT!!!!! If you want to be part of the clubs Wimbledon Ballot draw in 2020,for a chance to win Wimbledon tickets, (still have to pay for them though!), then please remember to Opt In via the LTA web site by February 14, 2020 . You must also remember to say that you are a member of Henley Tennis Club. This can be updated when you log in and look in Personal Details. Only members that have a BTM account, and Opted In and say they are members of Henley Tennis Club will be eligible for the Wimbledon Draw.

Car Park passes are on-line for printing or available from the club house. Please do get one and display it in your car if you are using the club car park.

If you need help with either of these message, then please do get in touch with me.

Dated 29th December, 2019  -  New Non Slip Club House Decking Being Installed now.

Just to let you know that we are having brand new non slip decking installed at the club over this next week.

Please take care around the work.

Apologise for the disruption.

Dated 13th December, 2019  -  URGENT!!!!  Car Park Passes Available now.

The car park is now being monitored for cars not displaying college car park passes.  The college have authorised us to  print our own pass, with our own logo.  The link in the members area will take you to a word document so that you can print your pass. I will also leave some passes in the club house.

Dated 12th December, 2019  -  URGENT!!!!  Car Park Passes

The car park is now being monitored for cars not displaying college car park passes. We are supposed to get them each year from the college but that hasn't happened for a few years, (even though we have asked nicely).  The college now say we can print our own, with our own logo.  I will set this up so that you can create your own pass.

In the mean time I suggest putting your own small sign inside your car, sying you are with Henley Tennis Club and awaiting your car park pass, please add your name and contact number. 

Dated 12th December, 2019  -  New Free Life Time Membership Award Goes to ......

BIG NEWS !!!  ooops Almost forgot this one.

The Committee has given free life time membership to Allen Levy, for his long and continued involvement on the club Committee. Allen is currently helping us with the Planning Application for floodlights.

We now have 3 Life Time members:

Allen Levy

Eric Davies

Mike Pugsley

This award will continue to be given to members that have shown extrodinary commitment to Henley Tennis Club over many years. I wonder who will be next?

Dated 12th December, 2019 - New AGM and Committee Minutes documents

All committee meeting minutes and AGM minutes can now be found under Club Articles. Click on the link or find the page under "More" tab.

Dated 11th December, 2019 - LTA Competition Links, Children and Adults

Interested in LTA competitions? We now have a page that links to the LTA Competitions web site page for each age range, from age 5 to adults. Click here,  and find the links on that page.

Dated 10th December, 2019 - HTC Ladies and Mens Team Information 

We now have a Team Information area which can be found here.  The page can also be found via the Members tab, followed by clicking on Henley Tennis Club Ladies and Mens Team Information LINK.

Dated 10th December, 2019 - Sunday Morning Club Session Court clashes with Team Matches

These are the Mens and Ladies Team Matches that will clash with Sunday morning club session.

The teams will usually take courts 1 and 2 from 10am to 1pm.

Club session can still go ahead as we still have 3 other courts.  

However, please note that club session attendance may be affected as some of the usual attendees will be involved in the matches.

Changes to these dates may occur due to re-arrangements.  Please check Latest News for the most up to date list of dates.

BerksSun 05/01/2020Men's Doubles - Division 8Henley Men's 2-Marlow Men's 2

BerksSun 26/01/2020Men's Doubles - Division 5 EastHenley Men’s 1-Wellington Men’s

BerksSun 23/02/2020Men's Doubles - Division 8Henley Men's 2-Shinfield Tennis Men's 2

Dated 5th December, 2019 - AGM Information

The Club AGM was held at the Bird In Hand at 8:30 on 3rd December, 2019.  All future AGM's will be held on the first Tuesday in Decemeber.  AGM agenda and minutes will be published this coming week.

Dated 3rd December, 2019 - AGM Information

The Club AGM will be  held at the Bird In Hand today, at 8:30 on 3rd December, 2019.  

Dated 20th May, 2019 - Wimbledon Ballot Draw Winners Information

Wimbledon Ballot complete.  Next steps for lucky winners!The Henley Tennis Club Wimbledon Ballot took place yesterday, Sunday, 19th May.  

This information is specifically for those members who were allocated tickets.

Please note: The LTA will no longer be sending letters to members who do not have an email address registered with us. Members will still be able to pay for their tickets by calling our team on 0208 487 7000.

If you were allocated tickets then you should get a notication email from the LTA asking letting you know your allocation and how to register and pay for them. If you have not heard from the LTA then please contact them directly.

Declined/Missed Deadline Tickets
Please Note: Any tickets that are declined or miss the payment deadline will return to the clubs allocation providing they are declined or miss deadline before the close of the ballots (May 24). The tickets will return to your club allocation 48 hours from decline or missed payment deadline.

This information will also appear on the club web site.

Dated 12th May, 2019 - Wimbledon Ballot Draw

Wimbledon Ballot will run on the 19th May, 2019 at 12 noon

The Wimbledon Draw will take place this Sunday 19th May at Noon by the club house. All members who have opted into the draw via the LTA web site this year and are paid up members of the club for 2019/2020 will be entered into the draw. If your name does not appear on both lists then you will not be eligible. We have 11 pairs of tickets, and 68  opted in members on the LTA list but not all paid up members!.  If you want to know if you are on the list then please go to the members area tomorrow where you will find a list.  If you turn up or assign a proxy and are drawn then you will be able to choose your tickets. If you are drawn but are not there then you will be assigned random tickets.  Please note that I have added new pages to the web site to show upcoming Events and Latest News.  Many thanks,  Please do get in touch with me if you need more info.  Col Main 

Available ticket dates.

Court     Event Date
Centre    03/07/2019
Centre    06/07/2019
Centre    09/07/2019
Centre    10/07/2019
Court 1    03/07/2019
Court 1    04/07/2019
Court 1    05/07/2019
Court 1    10/07/2019
Court 1    13/07/2019
Court 2    04/07/2019
Court 2    06/07/2019

Dated 10th May, 2018 - Various

  • Our planning application for flood lights was submitted to SODC last week.
  • The lease for the club is now in the hands of the college solicitors for changes to include an increase in the buy-back clause, and removal of yeasr on year buy-back reduction. We are researching recomendations for our own solicitor to handle the lease changes.
  • Maybership renewals have been very slow this year and we are still under the 200 members mark. Where is everyone?
  • This years juniors Road To Wimbledon will run Saturday 18th May, 2019 from 14:00 onwards. All courts probably in use.