Kent and National League Summer 2021 Results

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It has been a challenging summer for our captains and fixtures secretaries with so much rain meaning matches had to be rescheduled again and again, and many of our players getting injured. Despite this we have had some excellent results in the Kent League, especially from the Ladies' teams, and we've all been very happy to be back playing matches, visiting other clubs and catching up with friends on opposition teams who we haven't seen for ages.

Hythe's National League Ladies' team have proven their strength yet again, winning Division 2. For those that don't know, this is a league in which your four players each play a singles match, then team up for doubles. It is pretty intense and matches can last a long time as draws mean you have to play further decider matches, so we're really proud of the ladies who played and won this year. A particular shout-out goes to Caroline S, who captained the team to victory.  

Another team which secured a win was our new Kent Midweek Ladies 1, making relatively easy work of winning Division 4. Hopefully they will be making their way up through the divisions pretty swiftly. Congratulations go to Celia P for captaining and to all the ladies who played. 

Mention should also go to our Kent Ladies 2  team, who came a close second in Division 5a after an unfortunate month when four out of six team members were injured at the same time. The team was looking good for a win until injury struck, but thankfully all have recovered now and are back on court. 

Full results can be seen in the table below:

National League Ladies 2 1st
Kent Ladies 1 2b 3rd
Kent Ladies 2 5a 2nd
Kent Mid-week Ladies 1 4 1st
Kent Mid-week Ladies 2 4 4th
Kent Men's 1 6a 6th (last)
Kent Mixed 1 4a 3rd
Kent Mixed 2 6b 4th
Kent Mid-week Vets Mixed 2 5th (last)