Club Rules

 IMPORTANT - It is  a Club Rule that all participants MUST be entered on every court booking and marked as either ‘Member’ or ‘Guest’.  If members do not list players a member of the committee may contact you or visit the court during play.




November 2022

1.        Both courts are suitable for tennis.  Court 1 (nearest the pavilion) also has basketball hoops.  Court 2 is marked for five-a-side football and floorball.   Football and floorball must not be played on Court 1.  Hockey must not be played on either court as the wooden sticks can damage the carpet.

2.        All users of the courts must either be: a member of Ilmington Tennis club (ITC), a guest of a member, a member of an outside group (See rule 6), or a paying visitor.   All booking information is on the web site……. ITC members’ guests can play only 4 sessions a year before membership is obligatory.

3.        The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) covers ITC members for public liability when playing tennis. The LTA or ITC does not cover public liability whilst members, adults or children, use the premises or facilities for any activities other than Tennis. Members and non-members are advised to take out personal accident insurance.

4.       Parents or adult individuals are advised that ITC does not provide any supervision or safeguarding of those under the age of 18yrs whilst they are using the facilities.  It is the responsibility of parents or adult individuals to supervise the safe use of the facilities when children are present or assume responsibility for those playing unsupervised.

The LTA safeguarding policy states that a ‘child’ is anyone under the age of 18yrs.

5.        No ITC members under the age of 16 may book a court after 6pm unless the court is available (i.e. not booked by a senior member) 45 minutes before the hour required.

6.        Ilmington Tennis Club and Ilmington Parish Council (as the owner of the Facility) do not provide indemnity to individual non-ITC members in respect to liability for accident or injury to individual players or spectators whilst using the tennis courts or any equipment on the court.

Organisations that hire the Facility are required, as a condition of use, to insure against any liabilities, arising from their activities, of participants, members of their organisation, or of the public.

7.        ITC members who use the courts for any activity other than Tennis are not covered by ITC insurance and therefore must book and pay for an alternative sport.

8.        ITC has priority for block booking Club sessions, coaching and league matches.

9.        Booking. ITC members may only use the courts by reserving court time, utilising the online booking facility, available at   Only sessions of one hour per day, per member can be booked, although if playing with another member, (or members) they may book consecutive time slots to extend the booking (up to a maximum of 2 hours in total.)

10.      ALL participants' names MUST be recorded when booking a slot by selecting 'member' or 'guest' from the drop down menu on the booking page. 

11.      Courts are open from 8am to 10pm.  To avoid confusion, the court clock will determine the start and finish of each booking.  Courts can be unlocked using the lock code number.  The numbers may be changed at any time at the discretion of the ITC Committee.  The number will be disclosed on membership receipt.  The code numbers must be jumbled after re-locking the court after play.  Do not disclose the code number under any circumstances to nonmembers. Once the gate lock code number has been sent to a member, the number can only be obtained again by applying via email to The number will not be given out by any committee member by telephone or any other means, unless to a paying visitor.

12.      Floodlights - The combination lock number for the floodlight cupboard will be disclosed on purchase of tokens. One token gives 1 hour of light use.

13.      Only shoes in good condition appropriate for playing on sand-filled artificial grass courts should be worn.  No studded boots may be worn.  Ensure that the soles of shoes are clean and that no mud or stones are carried onto the courts.  No chewing gum, dogs or bicycles are allowed on the courts.  No rubbish to be left on the court and smoking/vaping is not allowed.

14.      When playing sports other than tennis, players must take down the tennis nets prior to play and install the post-hole covers provided.  It is the responsibility of players to replace the tennis net properly after play.  The nets and posts should be carried across the courts and not dragged.

15.      Anyone who abuses the courts, equipment or any part of the facility in any way, or does not pay the appropriate fee will be suspended or banned from the courts by the agreement of the ITC committee.

16.      ITC Membership subscriptions run annually from 1st March. Anyone joining during the membership year will be charged pro-rata to the end of that year.  Once membership has expired, the online court booking system will not permit court bookings.

17.      Members and volunteer non-members are allowed to take a role in running the club subject to the consent of the committee.

18.      Any changes to these rules may only be executed by the ITC Committee.  Please ADHERE TO and DO NOT ABUSE the Rules of the Club in any respect.

The success of the Club depends on the cooperation and goodwill of its members, so the committee appreciates your understanding and following the above rules to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable facility for us all.

November 2022