We have been asked to distribute the following information, on behalf of Ilmington Playing Fields Committee (IPFC), to as many members and users of the IMSC facility as possible.


Public Access Defibrillator at Ilmington Playing Fields

Ilmington Playing Fields now have a Public Access Defibrillator.

The Defib. is on the outer wall of the Sports Pavilion on the car park side, in a bright green and yellow cabinet.

It is an iPAD SP1 Defib. which is the one suitable, by the flick of a switch, for children (aged 1 to 8) as well as adults (aged 8 and over).

The IPFC Committee successfully applied to the British Heart Foundation and were awarded a defibrillator and outdoor heated cabinet funded by the Department of Health. They also were awarded a full and comprehensive training kit, for instructing up to 10 people at a time in Basic Life Support.

Stipulations of the award to the IPFC include:

  • The position and easy accessibility of the Defib be well publicised.
  • That as many people as possible are competent in applying effective CPR, know how to turn on the Defib. and are aware of how easy it is to follow the voice prompts when applying the Defib. pads. 


  1. For information on what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest, and gives the position of the Defib. at the playing fields. 
  2. Informs people where they can learn Basic Life Support skills and how to familiarise themselves with working a Defib - either through the internet or by contacting Romey Allison 01608 682537