Strawberry Tea

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Lanchester Lawn Tennis Club has a long tradition of hosting a well attended and enjoyable strawberry tea event each year on the Sunday before the start of the Wimbledon Championship.

The event is attended by Lanchester Tennis Club members and many non members who return each year to enjoy the tennis  as well as the strawberry tea.

This year's event was held on 26th June at the Lanchester Club house and everyone had their fingers crossed for dry weather.

A strawberry tea followed an enjoyable afternoon's tennis.

Lanchester Lawn Tennis Club would like to thank all those who attended the event, the social committee for providing the strawberry tea aided by Mrs Reed, a keen supporter of the club, for the freshly baked scones, the volunteers who ran the event and a special thanks to Dennis Laycock who not only maintains the courts but also organises and leads the many activities that take place throughout the afternoon.

Lanchester Lawn Tennis Club's next social event is a new activity we are trialling this year, a Games Night on Friday 1st July from 6pm until 8pm.