Club Doubles Leagues

CLUB MIXED DOUBLES LEAGUE will run from 1st May - 30th Sept 2022

If you don't have a tennis partner, but wish to play, let Angela or Les know, and we'll aim to find a partner for you.

You arrange to play against everyone in your league.

Three sets are played if needed; a tie break instead of a 3 rd set is not permitted.

1 point is given for playing, 1 point is given for a set and 1 point is given for a win. There will be one point deducted for each match not played.

At the end of the term, two pairs go up and two pairs go down.

You MUST be flexible when you can play. It is not deemed fair to only be available to play in the daytime. Please offer at least 3 dates by either pair and fix a date as soon as possible. It is important to get all games played so that everyone in your league has the same opportunity to gain points. If you have not been able to organise a match after 3 attempts please email me with the details. 

REPORT MATCH RESULTS:- After MIXED matches are played it is the responsibility of the winning pair to email Angela Martin email address [email protected]. The league tables will be on the website and I will send out the results at the end of every month. 

Change to league format

It has been agreed to trial a Premier League.  Each pair in this league will play one another twice. 

One pair will be relegated from the Premier League to League 1 and one pair will be promoted from League 1 to the Premier League at the end of the period. All other leagues remain the same where there will be two pairs promoted and two pairs relegated, including two relegated from League 1.

Contact details for all adult players: see members list

Some players may be junior members and their details will not be in the file. If you cannot locate a member contact the Membership Secretary.



A big thank-you to Ange and Les Martin for all the organisational work to make these leagues happen.

LADIES DOUBLES LADDER will run till Dec 31st

This is a new format competition open to all ladies.

If you would like to join the ladder please contact Deborah Rackham.

You can either join as a pair or ask for a partner.

More details to follow.