Covid-19 Rules

In keeping with current guidelines, and with the safety of all our members even more important than playing a beautiful groundstroke, we ask that you stick to all the current advice which is:
1 - If you or anybody you are living with has any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to the club. 
2 - Social distancing remains in force during your time at the club - except from people from your household.
3 - SINGLES - you can play singles against any opponent. If they are not from your household the LTA recommend you bring a set of balls each and mark them with you initials - and you then serve with your balls, and your opponent with theirs.
4 - DOUBLES - you can play doubles, but only with people from the same household. At this time that includes your opponents.

5 - NO SWAPPING ENDS - the LTA advise that you do not swap ends so as to minimise risk.

6- HAND SANITISER - please bring your own hand sanitiser and use often (e.g. after touching gates, locks etc...) 
7- CLUBHOUSE - this will remain closed. Please do not enter it unless an emergency - for example if you need the first aid kit. The main MSC clubhouse will also be closed so there are no toilet facilities on site. (We are progressing with the plans for the new clubhouse so this is on the horizon!)
8 - CAR PARK - At the moment we don't plan for this to open. There have been some security issues since lockdown and opening the main gates might exacerbate that. The car parking situation is under constant review.
9 - TENNIS GATE - IMPORTANT The tennis gate is the only way in or out. Please unlock the gate to come in and lock again behind you. This is to ensure only members come onto the grounds.


10 - BOOKING - Blank sheets will be sellotaped to the clubhouse doors. Please bring your own pen and use those sheets to book a court. We are progressing with an online booking system.
11 - CAUTION: We are incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous membership, please use caution and let us know if anybody isn't so we can keep the club safe for everybody's benefit. 
We are not restarting any club nights or organised tennis sessions at this time. As more details come out from the LTA we will alter and tweak these guidelines accordingly.
Stay safe and enjoy some cracking tennis.