Newsletter October 2021

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Hello All                                                               

Hoping you are enjoying your tennis particularly in the last burst of good weather we having just now.  It’s good to see the courts well used! 


We have had a number of new members joining the club too, which is great to see.  We are lucky to have so many members from all walks of life and playing at different levels.


Thanks to the team captains, to everyone who played and to Helen Liggins our match secretary for their efforts in the teams this season.  All teams (we have 5 teams – ladies, men’s and mixed) played so well and have held their own in their various leagues.  It’s lovely to see so many different members involved in team play.   I am sure we can go from strength to strength next season.  Let Helen know if you think you would like to be included in a team!


Wednesday morning and Thursday evening mix-ins are still continuing.  Everyone is very welcome to come along to play.  There are What’s App groups too for each.  If you would like to be added to the group, do get in touch.  Additionally, the Sports Club bar should be open on Thursdays, for an after game beverage!  We intend to arrange an Open Evening early next season to encourage players to come and play and meet other members too.



 In addition to great coaching already offered by Paul Hutchinson and Mike Rickman, we have put together with R2R a exciting and comprehensive coaching plan which will benefit a wide range of members.   Details of this have been sent to members in a separate e mail.  We are looking forward to new opportunities this will offer to Medbourne Tennis members and of course if anyone has any ideas or requests for other sessions etc please let us know.  Don’t forget Mike Rickman also offers a great racquet stringing service for members too, check it out on our website.


Just a reminder, that the Ball machine is available for members’ use.  (You do need to have been trained to use it be forehand) There will be additional  training sessions scheduled for those who missed ones earlier in the season.    More details of this will follow shortly.  It’s a great piece of kit, fun and quite easy to use once you have been trained.  So do have a go.




You will be glad to hear the worn nets (in particular on court 3) will be replaced.  A working party will be arranged to weed around the courts and a regular clearing of leaves from the courts is in hand.  We are looking into cleaning the courts in the Spring.

The car park wall is once again causing problems which the Sports Club are aware of.  Please take care when parking not to ‘bump’ the wall and please do not stand on the wall on your way to the courts.

The Sports Club are planning to open the bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from the end of September.  Prices are very reasonable, any members can take advantage of this, so do pop down. 

Once again, enjoy your tennis and if you have any ideas to improve our club or any queries, do not hesitate to get in touch.  Our details are on the website.


Jane Boulter/Mary Chapman

Chair/Vice Chair