The Saffron Memorial Tournament 2023

The Saffron Memorial Tournament, a cherished tradition in our tennis club, has once again proven to be a remarkable success this year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding triumph. Amir and James, for their gracious gesture in offering the courts. Mike, our dedicated tournament director, ensured the smooth functioning of the competition, and Penny for organising this wonderful event.

Each year, the tournament's standard continues to rise, evident in the well-balanced and highly enjoyable matches. The scrumptious lunch, prepared with precision by Edwina and graciously supported by Jackie, was nothing short of exceptional.

As we finalise our accounts, we anticipate donating around £1,000 to the Carneys Community, in memory of Safron, supporting disadvantaged young people in our local area. The success of the tournament this year has truly been a collective effort, and it exemplifies the wonderful community spirit of our tennis club.

The winners of this year's tournament deserve special recognition. Amy, our bar manager, showcased her versatility by not only managing the bar but also emerging victorious on the tennis court, alongside her trusty partner, Annie. Congratulations are also in order for Charlie and Sarah, who reached the final. For Sarah, it was her debut appearance. In addition to the outstanding tennis on display, we were blessed with spectacular weather throughout the tournament.

In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to all participants and donors for their significant contributions. The Saffron Memorial Tournament remains a fitting tribute to the memory of Saffron, benefiting a local cause that supports severely disadvantaged young people. As we cherish the memories and moments from this year's tournament, we look forward to the continued success of this cherished tradition in the years to come.