Bar tabs are back, baby!

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Tabs behind the bar will shortly be returning MPTLC. 

There will be a few differences to how they were run previously.

How bar tabs work

  • You have to opt in to having a tab
  • Sign a summary of how tabs work - get a copy at the bar
  • You must pay off the credit balance once per month, or when it reaches the £50 limit
  • You'll get an email receipt when spending on your tab which you need to check and query if issues, no later than 24 hours later
  • Add the talech email address to your safe list, so that it does not go into spam 
  • Your tab number will be the last 4 digits of your mobile phone number, you'll need to give this to put an item on your tab
  • The bar staff will then ask them to cofirm their surname if they don’t know the person

To get started

You'll need to add a £30 debit balance on your account. Do this at the bar when you're next in.

Ask a question

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat to our lovely bar manager, Amy.