February Half Term 2018

If you are unsure of your childs NB Tennis Level, please get in contact.

Munchkins Tennis

The Munchkins Tennis is the perfect introduction for young children aged 3 - 6. Our highly trained coaches help to develop agility balance and co-ordination with a tennis themed week long course.

This beginner course is one hour per day using smaller rackets and a low bouncing ball. 

Please note parents would be required to assist with their younger children as and when needed. Suitable for NB Tennis level 1 / beginner.

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Mini Tennis

The Mini Tennis beginner course is a great starting point for tennis mad kids aged 7 - 14. Our highly trained coaches and assistants, will guide your children through all the basics of footwork and technique for al the key shots.

Our game based method includes a very active 2 hour session, with mini match play each day. Suitable for NB Tennis level 1 / beginner.

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Development Tennis

The Development Tennis Camps are a great follow on from our beginner course suitable for ages 7 - 14.

This daily 2 hr course introduces more advanced techniques such as spin, placement and consistency, and includes competition each day. Suitable for NB Tennis level 2 - 3.

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Tennis Smash Tournament

A fun competition played within age and ability levels.

Lots of games over a 2 hr period, run in teams and individually. Prizes for all taking part. 

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Monday Red Ball - Improver - Ages 5 - 7 - Nb Tennis Level 2- 3


Tuesday Orange Ball - Improver - Ages 7 - 9 - NB Tennis Level 2 - 3


Wednesday Green Ball - Improver - Ages 9 - 11 - NB Tennis Level 2 - 3


Thursday Yellow Ball - Improver - Ages 11+ - NB Tennis Level 2 - 3


Friday Yellow Ball Doubles Open - NB Tennis Level 3 +