Useful Information

Term fees

Term fees can be paid in a variey of ways.

  1. You can follow the link on the booking form and pay via credit or debit card
  2. You can complete a bank transfer to Nigel Willard Ltd at 090128   35379897
  3. You can send a cheque to Nigel Willard Ltd 28 High Street, Stoke Goldington Bucks MK16 8NR. Cheques should be paid to Nigel Willard Ltd.
  4. By cash to your coach



About the courses

Tots Tennis / Mini Red 3-8 years

With a variety of fun games we aim to develop your child’s fundamental motor skills alongside their basic tennis skills. We assist the development of their hand / eye co-ordination, balance, agility and other essential skills that children will need through their childhood and even adulthood. We aim to teach them how to hit forehands, backhands, volley and serves. We introduce match play and host regular tournaments including Junior team Challenge, LTA Graded events and the annual Club Championships. We run both internal and external tennis events so they can play at a variety of levels

Mini Orange U9

Mini Orange is played on a ¾-sized court with compressed orange balls and is aimed at ages 9 & under. We aim to provide players with the skills to play both singles and doubles with emphasis on the forehand, backhand, volley and the serve. There will be focus on tactics, spin and match strategy as well as positioning and shot placement as we prepare the children towards the next stage (Mini Green). The orange ball moves at 50% of the speed of a full ball, ensuring time to adjust to shots and position on court. 

Mini Green U10

Mini Green is played on a full court and is aimed at 10 & under. We will encourage problem solving skills that will enable players to attack, rally and defend to a high standard. With the green ball moving at 75% of the speed of a full ball, it allows more time for the children to adjust and adapt with the flight of the ball and this helps the children both read the ball movement and read the game. Tournaments play a big part here as it’s the first time children get to play competitive matches on a full singles court preparing them for full ball matches in the future.  

Junior Tennis U18

Our junior sessions aim to provide players with the tactical and technical skills to play both singles and doubles at a high level. We look here at controlling the ball as it will bounce higher and move faster giving the children less time to adjust and read the play. We introduce players to a series of drills that will enhance their ability to play matches and encourage problem skills to work out their opponent’s weaknesses.

Adult Tennis

The adult sessions run at three different levels: beginner, returner and advanced so we can accommodate you no matter what standard you play at. We also run Cardio tennis which is a high tempo fitness session to music, burning up to 700 calories per hour. 


What to bring?

We suggest you come dressed for tennis/sport and appropriate for the weather with rain jacket etc. We also suggest you bring a hat, a drinks bottle and of course sweat bands which every tennis player should have!!!



Tennis rackets and equipment

If you don’t have a tennis racket we have the following rackets available to purchase

19’ rackets for tots                    £25

21’ rackets for 8u’s                    £25

25’ rackets for 9u’s                    £60

27’ rackets for adults                 £75

In addition every young player should use appropriate balls to practise with. We have balls for all age groups at £15 per dozen.




Registration form

We ask every player to fill out a registration form. We keep these details to ensure we can contact you if sessions are cancelled.


Cancellation due to bad weather

We will always try and run sessions but this is not always possible due to bad weather. If we have to cancel a session, your coach will contact you. We will contact you via text and e mail and we will also post the cancellation on our facebook page. If it rains after a session has started, the coach will use their experience and discretion in deciding whether to stay outside, or cancel. If we cancel a session then we will either plan another that term, carry fees over for the next term and then reduce your fees accordingly or refund you. 


What if you miss a session?

You are very welcome to come along to another session if you have missed one. 



Our coaches

All our coaches are licensed or registered by the LTA and must carry insurance and be first aid trained. 


Nigel Willard                 Director of Coaching                 07946 734377

Gavin Fowell                 Senior Coach                                  07951 516411

Charlie Corsini            Development Coach                  07503 971879



Our contact details are:





Twitter:            @willard_tennis

Instagram:        @nigelwillardtennis