Junior Coaching

Our junior programme is located at Falkirk Tennis Club, and caters for players aged 3-18. There are numerous sessions for all levels of players, from those who have never played before, all the way through to players competing regularly. We have a structured programme, using the LTA mini tennis system to help players improve and progress from any age. Our programme enables us to provide a clear pathway for players and gives them the chance to be continually pushed and ensure they are in the best environment to improve. 

Why is mini tennis good for kids? The child is more important than the game and all elements of mini tennis are designed to give the growing tennis player a quality experience and a desire to play tennis for life. If children are to enjoy a lasting involvement in tennis they need to:
- Have fun and feel success
- Take an active part, whatever their ability
- Develop tennis skills
- Understand and play the game

Mini tennis provides an environment in which they can do all the above whatever their age or ability. Children can play a game which they recognise as having all the features of the real game, but with a racket they can hold, and a ball that is suitable for them and on a playing area they can cover. As they progress they move on, moving even nearer to the full game.

This page offers up to date information of the mini tennis program at Falkirk Tennis Club, Play to Win Tennis.

Contact Head Coach Callum Lloyd at playtowintennis@gmail.com or view or avalable Junior sessions to book.

All players must be a member of Falkirk Tennis Club, if you need to create or renew your membership Click Here for details.