2018 Summer Leagues

Oxfordshire Summer Leagues

Mens A: Div 2 (Mark Goodman) 

Ladies A: Div 1 (Liz Bowles) 

Ladies B: Div 3 (Kay Webber) 

Ladies C: Div 9 (Sarah Hollister/Andrea Bronniman) 

Mixed A: Div 2 (Julian Madej/Pete Smiley) 

Mixed B: Div 6 (Francesca Taylor) 

Ladies Mid-week: (Riana Oeschger) - n.b. no online table available

Berkshire Summer Leagues

Ladies A: Div 3B (Jill Lloyd) 

Ladies Vets A: Div 2 (Nikki Derbyshire) - n.b. no league info available yet 

Ladies Vets B: Div 3 (Gill Mott) - n.b. not league info available yet 

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